Need to get English speaking lawyer for Foreigners?

It’s important for foreigners who have legal problems in Korea to consult with experienced local lawyers.
Experienced English-speaking Korean lawyers for foreigners at lee & lee Law firm.
We want to help you solve your legal problems.

The field of practice of English-speaking Korean lawyers

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Minimize customer success and risk with English speaking lawyers in Korea

As English speaking lawyers in Korea, we are dedicated to extraordinary advocacy, focused on exceptional results for legal issues for foreigners in Korea.

We understand what legal strategies to pursue and try to establish options that can protect you and your family’s future.

For foreigners, a foreign expert is not enough, the most important quality is knowledge and skills as an attorney.

With our extensive knowledge, experience, resources, and recognition throughout the legal and local community, you can trust us to help you every step of the way.

We offer results-oriented and experienced legal counsel at reasonable rates. Please allow us to invite you to contact us in order to have English-speaking legal representation in Korea with Integrity, Commitment, and Excellence.

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